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  I'm Jess, founder and creator of Safe Space and book blogger of 5 years over at Jess Hearts Books. I'm a Feminist, Hufflepuff and animal lover. I like to write about Mental Health, Body Image, Friendship and Sexuality. When I'm not blogging I enjoy Buzzfeed quizzes, Netflix (without the chill) and colouring in. My goal with Safe Space is to try and make life easier for girls and women, one blog post at a time.

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Howdy! I’m Rachel (Known also as Ray on most of the interwebs), I’m a 25 year old potential GryffinClaw (don’t start me on that whole identity crisis), whose life revolves around reading, procrastinating, list-making, drinking tea and if the wind’s blowing in the right direction – writing. I have two other blogs – Ray Reads Books (for bookish things) and Ray May Write (for writing/study posts and other odds & sods) but those are a tad neglected. You’ll find me almost permanently on Twitter when I probably ought to be doing other things. I hope blogging here will lead to lots of wonderful, insightful discussions with loads of fabulous women about all the issues we feel are important.

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Hi All, I'm Faye! I'm a 26 year old doing her best to make it in, and make sense, of the world. In my spare time I write, read, blog, create graphics, work my own business, binge-watch DVDs and Netflix, and spend a lot of the rest of my time in the cinema. For a large part of my life, I've felt different from the majority of the female population and I think that Safe Space is the perfect place to talk about this, in the hopes that maybe there's someone else like me out there who just needs to feel less alone.

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Hi! I’m Lily, a 21 year old booktuber and blogger who is studying a degree in History. I’m a ravenclaw, dog lover, twitter addict and in my spare time I love to read, go hiking and camping. I love discussing topics such as mental health issues, feminism and diversity. I'm so excited to be a part of the Safe Space team and to talk about these topics with everyone!

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Hi, I'm Louise, I'm 29 and a bonafide foodie. I also suffer from Crohn's Disease – a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease – and navigating ‘being sick’ in the modern world and how that fits into who I am is a large part of what and why I write. I’m also a die hard Grey’s Anatomy fan, I enjoy reading, cooking and taking trips to Cornwall.

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Hi, I'm Georgia, an avid tea drinker and aspiring journalist. I'm a reader by day...and by night. I love to binge-watch TV shows on Netflix, listen to music, and bake - I also dabble in photography too. I love to write about things that I'm very passionate about, whether that be feminism, gay rights, or self-image (just to name a few), and I hope to raise more awareness through what I write. When I'm not writing about what I'm passionate about, or blogging, I like to play music - preferably on my ukulele or piano - or I have the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

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I'm Charlotte *waves*! Queen of the movie nerds, Disney lover, galaxy defender and proud bunny mama who's forever wishing she was at Hogwarts (Hufflepuff forever). I'm excited to be part of the Safe Space team as I love to write about matters close to my heart and battle mental health stigma. You'll normally find me drinking Dr Pepper, binge watching my Netflix favourites, writing poems and snapping photographs.

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A twenty-four year who is addicted to crime documentaries, chubby pugs, and feminist utopian fiction. I'm passionate about crushing patriarchy, LGBTQIA* issues and discussing mental health.

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  1. I just want to just say HI and thank you for this project! I can't wait to see everyone's contributions! As a 24-year-old (but still feels like 12) female with mostly straight leanings, depression and daily subtle sexism in an IT workplace, I feel like I could get sooo much from this site. :)

    ALSO I'm a Gryffinclaw as well, but that took a loooooong time to accept. (Pottermore tried to put me in Hufflepuff, other things tried to put me down as Slytherin, I felt like a Ravenclaw, and then a heart-to-heart with a fellow Potterhead and another test later said I was about 50/50 G/R.)


No judgment, no hate, because it is already tough enough being a girl.