Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Introducing Safe Space

Well, this is a bit like turning a fresh page in an exercise book on the first day of school. There’s potential to fill up the pages with your utter brilliance or to royally mess up. The thing is I’m all about the messing up.

There’s so much pressure on girls and women to live their lives as a performance. To post about the best times of their lives, to only post pictures of themselves after every flaw and imperfection is edited out. To be perfection itself.

I’ve created Safe Space as a place for girls to get messy. To talk and explore their feelings on all kinds of topics in an honest and safe environment. I’m not interested in perfection. I care about women expressing who they are, sharing their flaws and talking about their experiences - whether they be good or bad.

I want to read about young women who find it hard to adult and juggle a mental health problem. I want to read about dating as a gay teenager. I want to know how women of colour feel they’re represented in media. I want to hear the stories behind all different types of women.

Women are not perfect. But we do have voices that are valid despite our imperfections.

I’d love for Safe Space to be a place of diversity, learning, opinion and honesty. I’d love for you to come to think of it as a place where you can come and share your voice and champion on other girls and women as they muddle through life as best they can.

I hope that you come to join us on our journey in representing women, one blog post at a time.


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No judgment, no hate, because it is already tough enough being a girl.