Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ditching the Under-wiring

This is going to be a considerably lighter post than my last. I still have a lot of thoughts I need to deal with relating to that post but today it is too hot to be grappling with those super-heavy subjects.

So I'm talking about bras instead. More specifically about how for the last three weeks or so I've only been wearing non-wired bras. Monday was the first time all month that I wore an under-wired bra and while it wasn't hideously uncomfortable it was miles away from how delightfully free me and my boobs have felt recently.

It was brought to my attention by Jax Blunt over on twitter that Peacocks had a range of non-wired bras that was pretty affordable so when I got the chance I wandered into town and checked it out. I bought five different bras and they are so fucking comfy to wear it's unreal. The sizing is a little squiffy because it goes by normal clothes sizes rather than bra cup sizes so I might have got a size bigger than I probably needed but frankly I don't mind if they don't cling tight like sports bras because they chafe like a bugger if worn all day.

Part of this decision to buy non-wired bras was fuelled by the fact that most of my normal bras are ancient in underwear years and several are either too small (since I've gained some weight in recent years my boobs have inevitably sized up as well) or the under-wiring has started to wiggle free of the bra. So I need to throw out maybe 75% of my current bra collection. But do I replace them all?

I don't think I'm one of those people who would be able to go completely bra-free. A while ago Caitlin did a fab guest post on Safe Space about her reasons for going braless but there are several reasons why I wouldn't feel comfortable doing the same even though I'd really like to.

I have probably-larger-than-average sized boobs for my chest measurement which means they are hefty enough to require some hand-holding when running up and down stairs to avoid pain. Also one is at least half a cup size bigger than the other so I'm always self-conscious that the size difference would be noticeable without a bra - not that I'd be tolerating people looking at my chest long enough to *see* and *comment* on my boobs of course but y'know.

I'm also not entirely happy with how my boobs sit when not held up by under-wired bras, for many years I've actually worn soft bandeau bras with fabric straps to sleep in so that I have something to secure them without constricting my chest at night. That's kind of what my new non-wired bras are doing for me during the day.

At the moment my new bras don't exactly go with the kind of clothing that I'd like to wear as summer finally remembers what it's meant to act like. Today I wore the "prettiest" of the five with a dress that has a low back and just didn't give a shit that people could see my bra. But I think in the near future I might try to get some of the more fancy-looking non-wired "bralettes" that I can wear under flimsy summer clothes and have them not look as outlandish as it might just wearing a normal bra. Kinda like what Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle) is wearing in this video.

So this has been an oddly long post about my new-found love for non-wired bras. I know I'm lucky in that I'm able to wear them as an alternative to under-wired bras as people with larger boobs may not have sufficient support without the metal-work and heavy-duty straps to be entirely comfortable.

My boobs are definitely feeling more comfortable these days, except when it's roasting outside then only lying very still while naked will stave off unpleasant clamminess. Ugh summer.
 p.s. You do not want to know how many times I typed "books" when I meant to type "boobs".

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  1. I cannot be having with the underwires! But the last so-called non-underwired bra I bought had side-boob-wires instead. I was not impressed and yanked them straight out. I'll be off to Peacock's again when I get the chance, thanks for the heads up!


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