Friday, 23 June 2017

Sweating All Over the Place

Hey... did you guys notice that it was pretty hot in England this week?

Even if you weren't in the country, due to our national notoriety of complaining you probably heard about it. But hey, we don't get heatwaves very often so we're allowed to complain, right?

Did you also know that when the weather is hot, our bodies get hot and then this weird thinks happen where water just comes pouring out of our pores? You know... we sweat

You may find this a bizarre concept, especially if you are female because as females, it is not socially acceptable to sweat. This is not something we do. We are ladies


This is what I want to talk about today and maybe it's just me but I have noticed while growing up and definitely this week that talking about how much I'm sweating is considered not socially okay. Like, as a female I should just deal with it and be y'know, proper about it all.

But I noticed that as my male colleagues had to wear more clothes then us - oh double standards, how you suck - it was perfectly acceptable for them to sweat. 

But it's more than that really

Because a male can be sweaty on the back or under the arms and while it's not exactly nice, no one comments on it. But if as a female you have visible sweat patches, it will always be pointed out. ("Oh, aren't you wearing any anti-deodorant today?", "Best go change your top if you can") [Also notice how this is most often a female talking to another female?!?]

Why is this?

It is a natural process that happens to all humans so why do women get treated worse when they visible sweat or even mention sweating in a conversation. It was hot and simply sitting in a chair in my non-air conditioned room made me sweat like crazy but to admit it out loud felt massively taboo and it has irked me a little bit.

So here's my statement to the world.

And that is totally okay by me. 

Do you feel the same or am I just being pernickety?


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No judgment, no hate, because it is already tough enough being a girl.